Inter - Office Connections

The best internet LAN provider that you can trust and rely on.

A Connection That Meet Your Highest Business Needs

For more than 10 years of experiences in IT Services, we are committed to improvise and increase our service quality to our clients. With SatNetCom we guaranteed, a better highspeed and stable LAN connection for your business needs.

Managed Local Connection Services

We always monitor the network to keep on its performance regardless of time and situation. Performance is the key to maintain the network bandwith and speed during the highest demand of network traffic. SatNetCom operate thousands of client's LAN around the world and manage local corporate networks from its own high-security data centers via secure, reliable connections

Quality Products

We only supply customers with quality products that has International Standards and has been proven to work well in similar situation. We provide warranties to all our products to ensure customers’ peace of mind when deploying our equipment for their business.

Wide Coverage of Area Network

Our services will cover all of your business area. Regardless the area size, we are ready to supply the network without sacrificing network speed and stability. Customer's demand is our priority. We build and design the network on client's demand and make it more efficient, effective, and save more money. Good quality network is always our main goal in achieving customer's demand.

Why SatNetCom for Inter Office Connections

With more than 10 years of experiences, SatNetCom has become trusted IT Solutions partner for many businesses and companies. SatNetCom is always provide wide-range IT solution along with advanced products technology that meets standarized world wide business competition.

Better Performance, Fast and Stable Connection

Cost Effective

Customer - Focused Service

24 Hours Support

Greater Security

IT solutions for Your Business

Full Service - More Than Just Internet

SatNetCom is a leading IT and communications solutions provider, delivering cutting edge solutions for your business.

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