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SatNetCom with the best technology, premium features, and professional customer service available for 24/7 has become trusted partners of many business companies since 2004. Take advantage of the powerful features of SatNetCom's, the best, and accurate thermal imaging solutions

Trusted and Reliable

With more than 10 years experiences, we are improvising our product and services to always meet our client's business needs. More than thousands of our thermal imaging devices installed from all around the world. We only supply customers with highest quality standard and has been proven to work well in in any conditions. We provide warranties to all our products to ensure customer's satisfaction when deploying our equipment for their business.

Automatic, Accurate and Realtime

Our device equipped with highest technology that will allows you receive a real-time high quality image both thermal and real image. Objects captured as far as the camera see and captures everything including the fast moving objects with face mask or partially hidden. The result automatically can be seen real-time. Red sign indicates high temperature fever and green indicates healthy people.

Product Quality

Designed with strong materials, our product has ability to withstands against extreme weather and temperature without having issues and significant performance redundancy. Quality is on top of everything. We ensure that our product keeping up with its quality for 24 hours and 7 days a week of operation without compromise. More than thousands of units have been installed in various parts of the world, from the coldest part of artics to the hottest part of the desert.

Wide Selection of Thermal CCTV Cameras and Features

Monitors Fast Moving Personnel Temperatures with Face Mask or Face partially hidden in Real-Time

Thermographic Bullet Body Temperature Measurement Camera is able to measure a moving object's (Personnel) temperature at a high accuracy in real time.

It is capable of discovering and tracking people with higher body temperature among the crowded public areas in real time.

Widely-Used Area

It can be widely used in places such as offices, mine site entries, shopping malls, customs, airports, schools, hospitals for the inspection and quarantine of people with high and suspect temperatures and fevers.

Time and Attendance options also available to upload to HR and ERP systems.



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Other Products

Infrared Thermography

  • Non-contact surface array temperature measurement.
  • 3 – 10 Meters optimum range
  • Real-time result
  • Temperature measurement data and photo results type

Forehead Thermometer

  • Point contact temperature measurement.
  • 1 – 3 cm optimum range
  • 3 – 5 seconds result
  • Temperature figure

Mercury Thermometer

  • Direct contact temperature measurement.
  • Direct contact
  • 3 Minutes result
  • Temperature scales

Why SatNetCom for Thermal Imaging Service

For more than 10 years of experience, SatNetCom has gained reputation from many companies and businesses from all around the world as the best IT solution provider. SatNetCom always comes up with endless, newest and latest innovations for technology products ahead from the competitors. We provide the best surveillance solution for your business needs with a tons of advanced features.

Real-time Result

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Rich on Features and Technology

24 Hours Customer & Technical Support

World's Best of Quality and Reputation

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SatNetCom is a leading IT and communications solutions provider, delivering cutting edge solutions for your business.

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