About Us

A leading professional Vsat Satellite Internet & Communications Solutions Provider SatNetCom delivers Cutting Edge Technologies and Solutions for your remote Satellite Internet, Communications and IT requirements.

Who We Are

While providing communications and IT services is our core business, in a more general sense we are “IT Solution Providers” who help our clients develop and solve their communications and Information Technology (IT) needs.  SatNetCom is dedicated to providing the best service at the least possible cost.

Our mission is to work with our clients to design, develop, implement, operate and maintain communications and IT systems which serve the client in the most effective, efficient and economical manner. In fulfilling this mission, SatNetCom and its employees are dedicated to performing the job in a professional, responsible, and courteous manner.

We consider ourselves to be a “service” company and seek to provide the very best service at all times. We encourage our employees to take the initiative to solve client problems and work to make SatNetCom a company with a reputation for quality and service.

Our Skills

Full Service Communication and IT Supports

A High Value Proposition

24 Hours, 7 Days A Week Technical Support

Redundant System for High Reliability

Service, Service, Service

IT solutions for Your Business

Full Service - More Than Just Internet

SatNetCom is a leading IT and communications solutions provider, delivering cutting edge solutions for your business.

Head Office


Jalan Rahayu RT 001 no. 98 Balikpapan, Kalimantan Timur 76114

+62 542 875570

+628115963200 (whatsapp)


Jakarta Office


Jl. Prof DR Satrio No. 64 Kel. Karet Kuningan Jakarta Selatan 12930

+62 542 875570

+628115963200 (whatsapp)